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07. Mar 2016.

The Museum of Childhood was built with goal to let adults re-live the memories of better days. To let children play with the toys that hold high sentimental value to their parents. To let children catch a slight glimpse of how their parents and grandparents used to spend their days of being a child.

The Museum of Childhood is a museum created by enthusiasts, people who believe that the soul and memories of childhood’s better days can be caught, stored and re-lived again in this sacred place.

The cornerstone of The Museum of Childhood is its people. Without people, without their memories, without their good will, without their donations, without their participation, The Childhood Museum – the sentiment we have captured – would not exist.

We would like to thank all of you who made an effort to help us capture the happiness, laughs and memories of childhood in our very own Rijeka’s Childhood Museum.

We, at The Museum of Childhood, would like to invite you to participate in making the memories with us! Whether you’re a traveler just passing by Rijeka, supporter of our beliefs from across the globe, local who wants to give their best, we invite everyone to participate, because The Childhood Museum is not just a museum – it’s a time capsule that will be remembered for generations!

Support us by donating:
Computer museum “PEEK&POKE”, Rijeka, Croatia
IBAN: HR8723400091110274631
Privredna banka Zagreb

Deliver us your fondest childhood toys to our address (please contact us first):
Ivana Grohovca 2
51000 Rijeka

We thank all of you for your time and effort!
See you at the museum!