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06. Aug 2015.



Childhood. What more can be said about this period of carelessness, games, joy and innocence…

But we never forgot the tears we shed, almost like Palle Alone in the World, when our mother, did not buy us LEGOs for which we cried in front of shop window, there were never enough money to buy a new packet of our favourite trading cards, Santa Claus from local board gave us a present that was designed for opposite gender, because someone made a typo of your name in the invitation by accident, the new ball that we were just gifted – punctured and broken already after the first game. But that… that’s only children exaggeration – a common and known thing.

So, here we finally are – in The Museum of Childhood. Ugh, a heavy word – “museum”. We are drawing associations with this word already – serious curators in velvet jackets wearing bowties, cold walls, stories of times long since forgotten…

No, none of that can be found in Rijeka’s Museum of Childhood. You, we, every one of us, have been a part in its creation! All exhibits here are donations from people who responded to our public call to build The Museum of Childhood together!

And we have succeeded to get to the – start! The start of a fantastic voyage of child’s imagination because who knows what dusty attics and basements hide! And so, our Museum of Childhood grows day by day, as kids grows too and then suddenly they are not kids anymore.

However, instead of velvet jacket bow-tie curator promise of entertainment, instead of cold walls – colourful joy is what we offer. Instead of stories about times long since forgotten, we offer a chance to re-live memories of better days, simpler times – childhood – with which bonds some of the strongest emotions.

The Museum of Childhood holds your dearest memories – the tangible and intangible heritage of childhood – ready to be remembered once again.

Our museum is your chance to re-live the good old days!